3 Keys to make it through 2017 with colorful success:

-Keep it simple

-Take action

-Be consistent




 Whether you are a novice or an expert, The Way of the Rainbow will be perfect for you!

With Joy and Excitement we invite you to

enter the Zone of Creation and

become a Spiritual Rainbow Maker!



If you've been looking for a little ZING in your spirituality
you have come to the right place!



The Way of the Rainbow is a guided process where you will learn how to consistently tap into your Inner Guidance and live your life with love, joy and ease.  Each of the seven sessions will give you divinely simple information that you will put into action.  By taking action on each of the steps you will naturally grow into creating seven new powerful habits.  Along with the information each week, you will receive vibrational keys, codes and activations from the Present Ones in the Language of Light. Their input of energy adds the higher vibrations to the simple concepts.  While in the Zone of Creation, each participant will be blessed with whatever they need most.




As you experience going through the 7 vibrational color bands you will learn to create a vibrational rainbow.  Let me share with you some of the process as you participate in the weekly sessions.

   Enter your creative space by building a strong, consistent relationship with your angels and guides



   Bring in the energy of openness and create more space by flipping your “poor me” energy to one of unlimited abundance




   Expand your energy as your power builds by releasing energy and patterns that no longer serve you


   Align with your “Higher Self" and learn to accept the creative being that you are, realizing your true power through love


   Enter the vibrational field where you will express your desires with impact


   Receive thoughts, words and pictures from all sources and expand the way you receive messages and guidance


   Add dimension and power to this system by sharing right from your heart and expressing it to the Universe


Please join us in The Way Of The Rainbow
and become a Spiritual Rainbow Maker!