Proven System


Divine Guidance


Guaranteed Results

Join the Preview Call and meet Barbara Marie, the support team and The Present Ones.




Do you ask how you can stay in tune with your Inner Guidance and receive the highest guidance possible, every single day?  


Do you wonder why your guidance seems to come easily one day and does not come at all on another day?


Are you ready for your 2012 transformation?


If so, I personally invite you to participate

 in learning and living The Way of the Rainbow.



The purpose of The Way of the Rainbow is to provide a simple proven system that can be easily followed in order to:


- achieve a consistent spiritual connection that you can fully rely on

 - receive clear guidance daily, releasing your on and off pattern

 - assist in creating the life you choose, being excited to start each day



Your “Yes” to this system will include these life changing benefits: 


       Learn how to connect with your angels and guides


       Experience communicating with them consistently


       Decide what you really want in this life time


       Realize and accept your spiritual gifts


       Release barriers and obstacles


       Reprogram your “poor me” attitude


       Develop seven life changing habits


       Easily raise your vibration 


       Retrain your brain to believe the best for yourself


       Learn to see yourself with new eyes


       Get to know the “real” you


       Love yourself and others unconditionally


       Receive special messages from “The Present Ones”


       Enjoy love, support and guidance from the Care-giving Team


       Realize that your life is under your own control



We will begin the seven webinar presentations on various start dates. Please see the home page on the right side for the next start date.  Each of the weekly sessions will be approximately one hour.  This sacred work is focused on personal transformation and developing a daily spiritual practice.  


The main benefits will be staying in tune with your Divine Guidance on a consistent basis, experiencing love for yourself and others to a greater degree and creating the life you really want to live.  You will appreciate all of the healing that is a natural result of your participation in The Way of the Rainbow.   


For those of you who work in the holistic field, you will notice that this “new you” will be of much greater service to your clients.  The spill over benefits will be noticed by your family and your community as well! 


In participating, you will experience exactly what you need at this time in your life.    You will receive several “activations” from The Present Ones, who are the Divine Inspiration and Spiritual Support Team for this program. 

A  support team care-giver will be divinely assigned to you offering love, support, prayer and personal guidance as needed.  Your full engagement is required to receive the highest benefits from this life changing program.  




What You Can Expect on the Physical Side 


- 7 weekly sessions given with the Guidance of The Present Ones

-  a sacred atmosphere that builds each week

-  a wonderful sense of fun and humor with each session

-  color codes and keys that support each session

- naturally leading  you to developing a daily practice

- online webinars with telephone support

- any other messages that the Present Ones wish to convey to you

Additional Support

- Each lesson taught with simple methodical concepts

- weekly assignment list to help keep you engaged in the program

- weekly lesson in document form for easy reviewing

- weekly audio link for those who miss the live session

- email, online forum support

- prayerfully  led  contact from your earthly support team  



What You Can Expect on the Spiritual Side 



The Present Ones will provide:


- highly powerful vibrations and activations using the Language of Light

- Interpretations of the Language of Light as given by the Present Ones

- a special method for grounding yourself into this sacred energy

- the highest intentions for your most favorable results

- all healing that you need for your daily success

- activations that are necessary for your highest good

- frequencies that are used to raise your vibration

- vibrational and activational support from your spiritual support team

- spiritual and energetic support for you and the entire program  


You may start to experience:


- seeing color shades that you have never seen before

- seeing angels, guides or pictures with your eyes closed

- seeing rainbows more than ever before

- seeing how your life fits together

- feeling goose bumps, hot or cold skin sensations

- feeling unconditional love for yourself and others

- feeling that you are now “on track”

- feeling that you are truly "connected"

- feeling that your heart is opening

- hearing the voices of angels and guides and The Present Ones

- hearing your divine guidance coming through clearly

- hearing heavenly music

- knowing that all is well

- knowing that you are on the right path

- knowing that you are changing and growing in LOVE



Please join us in becoming a RAINBOW MAKER!