3 Keys to make it through this year with colorful success:

-Keep it simple

-Take action

-Be consistent


The energy of The Way of the Rainbow leads you into the Zone of Creation while blessing you with an easy, gentle and loving transformation.



Congratulations!  We honor your "YES" to participating in The Way of the Rainbow.  As many of you know, once you commit to the next step of your personal transformation, the Universe brings all that you need in order to support you.  We are sure that your blessings will start immediately. 




Please Note:

1)  Once you make a successful payment you will be taken to a thank you page.


2)  If you experience any type of problems with payment email Barbara Marie directly at RevBarb@inbox.com

3)  You will receive an email with all of the pertinent information that you will need for starting The Way of the Rainbow.  (We will be contacting you through the email  used to make your payment.)  This may take up to 48 hours depending on which day payment is made.

4)  Thank you.  You will be blessed!

The Angel Lady- Barbara Marie